Yantian Port breaks ground on new container terminals

December 14 2021
Yantian Port

[Advantage Logistics] Yantian Port has begun the construction of its box terminals in the east operation area, which amounts to US$2.28 billion and will include four subprojects such as a Phase I project, a link passage, as well as auxiliary and supporting projects.

Firstly, the Phase I project will have three automated container berths built along the 1.47-km coast and able to handle 3 million TEU per year and vessels as heavy as 200,000 tons, according to the Chinese newspaper Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

Yantian Port breaks ground on new container terminals

Additionally, the passage of 2.1 km will be built to link with Yantian Port’s east and central operation areas, while in the east operation area, a railway will be constructed to connect to the city’s other railways.

Digital projects will also be launched to integrate port operations with 5G communications, BeiDou satellite systems, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet, as the east operation area aspires to become a world-leading smart and green container port.

port of Yantian

Yantian Port is one of the world’s largest container ports and contributes to half of Shenzhen Port’s container throughput, one-third of Guangdong’s trade cargo volume, and one-fourth of the foreign trade volume between China and the US.

Source: Container-News

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