KMTC acquires 900 new reefer containers from Carrier Transicold

November 24 2021
KMTC acquires 900 new reefer containers from Carrier Transicold

[Advantage Logistics] The container refrigeration system provider Carrier Transicold and part of Carrier Global Corporation (CARR) will provide Korea Marine Transport Containers (KMTC) with new reefer containers.

KMTC is expected to expand its refrigerated cargo fleet and replace older units with 900 PrimeLINE energy-efficient reefer containers.

These 20′ and 40′ high cube boxes are projected to be used for the transportation of durians from Thailand to Hong Kong and vegetables from China to Southeast Asia.

reefer containers

Durians are high-respiring fruit, consuming high levels of oxygen and releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide. Maintaining temperatures between 13–15 degrees Celsius is crucial to prevent the fruit from spoiling and arriving at its destination in optimal condition.

“Every year, we secure new reefer containers to meet the needs of our customers, offering them the highest level of performance and satisfaction,” said SW Nam, General Manager of Equipment Control Team, KMTC, who went on to point out that this is easily achievable with the 900 new PrimeLINE units by Carrier.

The PrimeLINE units dispose of features such as efficient performance with an energy-conserving digital scroll compressor, fast temperature pull-down with an economised vapour injection system to start compressor cycling sooner and power consumption minimising.

Carrier Transicold

Furthermore, the reefers have tight temperature control within plus to minus 0.25 degrees Celsius, as well as high airflow attributed to their aerospace-inspired design.

PrimeLINE refrigeration units also constitute one of the solutions offered through Carrier’s Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain Program to preserve and protect the supply of food, medicine and vaccines, according to a statement.

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